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Verona, The Story of Romeo and Juliet

This past weekend I visited Verona and Lake Garda with a few of my new Italian friends. We learned about the story of Romeo and Juliet and the history of Verona and the Scala family's importance in Verona.

Verona, The Story of Romeo and Juliet

Italy Verona, Italy  |  Oct 02, 2013
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This past Sunday I had the opportunity to visit Verona! I made sure that I watched the movie "Letters to Juliet" before Sunday, just so I was able to get a sense of what Verona looked like. The movie did portray Verona as it is. I saw Romeo's house, Juliet's house, the statue of Dante, the Verona Arena, the statues and tombs of the Scala family, and numerous basilicas. It never ceases to amaze me how old all of these buildings are with all of their intricate detail, as well as the cobblestone roads they are on top of. As it was cloudy and rainy the city had such a tranquil feeling to it. There were still many tourists filling the streets, but not like I have become used to seeing in the city of Florence.

I would have to say the best part about this trip was going to Juliet's garden. My friends and I were able to see that it is not just a myth that people come from all across the world to write a letter to Juliet, in the hopes that one of her 30 secretaries will give them an answer. There were letters all over the interior of her garden, stuck to the bricks with gum, in between crevices… you name it. We were more than pleased to be able to find postcards and pens in a nearby store to take part in this tradition. After writing our letters we all had to take a picture with the statue of Juliet, for if you hold her breast it is supposed to bring good fortune and love. After we got our bearings we headed off to find ourselves some lunch.

We ended up finding a nice little restaurant called Cafeé Alle Fogge where I got their traditional Tagliatelle Fungi. It was delicious! The best part about the meal was that I paired it with one of Verona's highly recommended red wines, Amarone. It was delicious and definitely my new favorite! After lunch we were quickly shuttled onto our bus to head to Lake Garda. We took a ferry across Lake Garda and were able to see a few of the most well-known yacht clubs across the world, as well as a few castles, and extravagant villas. It was a cold and rainy hour and a half ride, but the apple pie and hot chocolate on the other side were well worth the wait! Apple pie is different here in Italy than America for they do not warm it up before serving it. The hot chocolate here is also different for the traditional hot chocolate you find in America is a packet of cocoa that you mix with hot water, but here hot chocolate literally translates as melted chocolate bars. I certainly was not complaining, as chocolate anything is always my go to!

If you are planning to travel across Italy I would certainly recommend visiting the romantic and historic city of Verona, as I was more than pleased with my adventure there!

Ciao, and make sure to check back soon for more updates about my travels through Europe!

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  • Verona, The Story of Romeo and Juliet

    October 02, 2013
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