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  • 24 years old
  • From California, United States
  • Currently in Rome, Italy

Loma to Roma

The written account of my transition from sunny San Diego to the cobblestoned streets of Rome. I've condensed my life into a single suitcase and am ready to feed my appetite for adventure, culture and of course food. Follow me and my camera as we take in all Rome has to offer.

More than a Roman Holiday

Italy Rome, Italy  |  Oct 06, 2013
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Time has a way of managing to speed by without even realising it. I can't believe that I've been living in Rome for over a month now and yet it seems as if I can't remember any other way. When i first arrived I remember my roommates (then strangers) giving me advice on how to get to the grocery store from our apartment and warning me that i would have to pay for bags, to weigh my own fruit along with an assortment of advice I struggled to remember. Frankly in such a new enviroment I was overwhelmed just at the idea of getting groceries. Now I make quick stops on the way back from class, know which stores carry the pasta sauce I want and which items to never try again. Coming from California public transportation consisted of buses on school field trips. In Rome it's trasferring from bus to tram to sometimes another bus and staying clear of the metro as much as possible, another dauting task that I somehow had to conquer in order to get from point A to B. I think it's these small accomplishments that make studying abroad more than just a vacation. 

The difference culturally became perfectly clear the first time my roommates and I set out to eat dinner at a nearby restraunt. Along with great food and water that we paid for came a three hour dinner time where courses were served slowly and more than adequate time in between was given. I was able to laugh at my inability to be patient just as I had to with plenty of other situations where being American was evident. There's very few to no 24 hour places open and its almost impossible to squeeze into the tram at 8:30. Things that I had no clue about a month ago are just the basic knowledge that everyone must carry around. 

Thinking ahead I can't believe that I only have two months left. Traveling from country to country having adventures water rafting in Croatia and prosting at Oktoberfest, I honestly can't wait to make these last two months as great as the first. 

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