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  • 24 years old
  • From California, United States
  • Currently in Rome, Italy

Loma to Roma

The written account of my transition from sunny San Diego to the cobblestoned streets of Rome. I've condensed my life into a single suitcase and am ready to feed my appetite for adventure, culture and of course food. Follow me and my camera as we take in all Rome has to offer.

A Different Perspective

Italy Rome, Italy  |  Dec 08, 2013
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 Rome is a place unlike any other 

If there is one clear identifier of the experience I’ve had in Rome, it would be my suitcase. As I re-read my first journal entry I can remember all the stress and frustration that went into jamming as many clothes as I could into one suitcase, completely engulfed by the idea that I would be gone for so long. At that moment, excitement was overpowered by my fear of the unknown. The questions of “which shoes to pack” and “do I really need that sweater” were the representation of just how anxious and unaware I was about what I was going into. My worries about blending in and taking the right clothes were soon dismissed when I realized that heels on cobblestones were not something I ‘d be able to handle in the name of fashion. In fact its hard not to be spotted as an American in general, there must be some obvious sign all Europeans can see. Now as I begin to repack, my souvenirs and relics from all the places I’ve traveled are the first to claim their spot in my luggage. A more bittersweet and nostalgic experience than the one I had four months ago.

While my Italian consists of random phrases, many of which were picked up when irritated morning commuters shouted at me on the morning tram (Scendere = get off the tram J) I have definitely accomplished my goal of moving beyond the perspective of a tourist. I’ve explored the alleys of Rome and gone in search of sushi miles away. When I was lucky enough to have my parents visit, I was able to take them to authentic restraints and taught them which gelato to stay clear of. I think looking back on my first entry; I think I was too worried about everything going smoothly that I would not allow feelings of anxiety or excitement to even emerge. While my concerns where natural and mostly true, Italy has begun to truly feel like a home. And although I miss my friends and family, Rome is a place unlike any other. It’s the kind of city where your always finding new adventures and even when plans don’t work out or no one has a GPS, you stumble across the Trevi Fountain and just have to stop for a second to stare in appreciation for everything Rome has to offer. 



P.S I more than caught a glimpse of the Pope, just your typical Wednesday mornings in Rome 

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