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  • 24 years old
  • From California, United States
  • Currently in Rome, Italy

Loma to Roma

The written account of my transition from sunny San Diego to the cobblestoned streets of Rome. I've condensed my life into a single suitcase and am ready to feed my appetite for adventure, culture and of course food. Follow me and my camera as we take in all Rome has to offer.

A Week in Rome

Italy Rome, Italy  |  Dec 03, 2013
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   A typical week here is nothing like that of a regular school week back home. Monday starts off early with a 9 am class which is on site. For an art class this is very typical and can consist of meeting at a piazza one week and the pantheon the next. Although it's difficult to wake up and find public transportation so early, the class is always eye opening to all the art rome has to offer. Right after my art class I grab a quick coffee at a nearby bar and return to school for my Anglo American lit class. Always one of my favorites the time flies by and soon I'm done for the day. Tuesday starts off again at 9 am as I return to school for a management class. It is slightly more difficult and always keeps me on my toes. I have a long break until my 5 pm class so I usually take this time to either return to the apartment for lunch and a quick nap or take the time to enjoy a lunch at one of the many restaurants  and eateries around. What I find nice is that whether your going with friends or enjoying your meal solo there's always so much to take in you never feel alone. Tuesdays is also one of the nights where a local pub holds karaoke. It's always a great time whether your up on stage or just enjoying the music with some friends.

    Wednesday only consists of one class for me and after I finish around 2 pm I like to stock up one groceries at one of the two local supermarkets. Since I travel a lot on the weekend and fresh food tends to go bad quicker here, most of my diet consists of mostly pasta which has improved my ingenuity when it comes to changing up meals. Thursday is my Friday here with only two class. I'm finish later this day and it is occupied with packing for our next upcoming trip.  I'm lucky to have roommates who are also my friends so we usually plan out our trips together and split a taxi to the airport. Recently we traveled to Barcelona. We traveled on a Friday and arrived late at night. Saturday consisted of sight seeing, walking tours and trying local cuisine. The best part of traveling with friends is that everyone gets a say in where we go and everyone is open to ideas. Running on the idea that we may only be in the destination for a short time drives us to make the most of our time while not tiring ourselves too much. After a long weekend we catch a late Sunday flight or an early Monday one and it's back to school as usual.  With inlet a short time left, I know I'm going to miss my daily life in Rome 

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