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  • 24 years old
  • From California, United States
  • Currently in Rome, Italy

Loma to Roma

The written account of my transition from sunny San Diego to the cobblestoned streets of Rome. I've condensed my life into a single suitcase and am ready to feed my appetite for adventure, culture and of course food. Follow me and my camera as we take in all Rome has to offer.

Midnight Packing

United States California, United States  |  Aug 26, 2013
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Always the procrastinator, I've waited until the night before my flight to run around finding everything from my laptop charger to my favorite sweater.Whether it's this stress of last minute packing or the denial that I wont sleep in my own bed for the next three months, I have not experienced any of the anticipated feelings of fear or excitement that come from taking on such an endeavor. I've said my goodbyes and given my last hugs, but I know all the waves of emotion will come flooding through the moment I enter my terminal alone. 

As for my expectations of Rome itself I've found myself focused on the aspects of my host culture that I will particularly struggle with. One of the cultural norms that I've seen time and time again is the importance of dress for italians. Coming from the land of shorts and sweatpants I'm not quiet sure how easily this will come to me, but when in rome... For me Italy holds so much within its bounds its almost impossible for me to be excited over just one aspect of Rome, but I defiantly want to learn to see Rome beyond the eyes as a tourist. I also look forward to taking a trip to the Vatican and perhaps catch a glimpse of the pope if I'm lucky. 

To me this trip supersedes that of a vacation in so many ways. It's time to put the mundane and repetitive nature of life on pause and to plunge in headfirst into a complete foreign experience. I hope to make an effort to learn a decent amount of the italian language and to gain the experience needed in life to tackle anything unfamiliar. 

Ciao for now 

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