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Here We Go Australia!

My pre-departure freak outs and my arrival!

A Week in My Life

Australia Gold Coast, Australia  |  Dec 03, 2013
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What is a week in Australia like? Well it starts out with class. Boo. 

On Monday's I have class from 8-5, no breaks. It majorly sucks. Then for dinner and homework. Not much fun. Tuesdays are better. i have class from 11-3 and have time for hanging out by the pool or just relaxing. Wednesdsays I only have one class at 2. Then Thursday to Sunday is the weekend!

I have 4 classes: Australian Popular Culture, Image and Photography, Great Narrative Literature, and Intercultural Communication. In Australian Pop Cutlure we usually focus on one topic each week (food, fashion, history, aboriginal culture in the media) and then watch a movie that is related to that topic. This is my favorite class. In Image and Photography we learn about photography and how to take good pictures. It's not terribly hard. For Great Narrative Literature, we read different books and relate them to bible readings. It's pretty interesting. In Intercultural Communication we learn about (yea, you guessed it,) communicating between cultures. This is my least favorite class because it is boring and the professor is...not my favorite. 

On the weekend I usually head to the beach, go shopping or even go on an adventure :) This past weekend I went to Sea World! 

The caf at Bond is not very good. The food is average but you are stuck with the same few meals to chose from week after week. There is a subway nearby that I go to and a small bar that serves very good food (the banana bread is my favorite)! 

My dorm is pretty big considering the size of the dorms back at Luther. It's a nice room with it's own batheroom and we even have a cleaning service! They come in once a week to change the sheets and empty the trash. 

Life at Bond is great! The campus is amazing and everyone is so nice!

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