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  • From Minnesota, United States
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Here We Go Australia!

My pre-departure freak outs and my arrival!

Looking Back

Australia Gold Coast, Australia  |  Nov 10, 2013
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Looking back on my first entry, I realized I didn't have anything to worry about. Australia has been nothing but fun and adventures. 

I should have brought more clothes but the fact that I didn't bring as many as I wanted to means I was able to go shopping!! The prices here are crazy high but that hasn't stopped me..which is probably a bad thing.

I have made so many good friends here. Thinking back to how nervous I was, I now feel completely crazy for worrying so much. Everyone here has been so nice and an amazing help to me getting to know my new college. 

I was right about how much I want to stay. When I was still in my orientation group, I realized I wanted to stay, but not how much. Thinking about leaving breaks my heart. I cannot imagine waking up and not hearing the crazy bird sounds outside my window, feeling the sun beat down on my skin and know that my friends back in Minnesota are shivering in their jackets and knowing the beach is only 10 minutes away. 

Australia, you've stolen my heart. 

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