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Here We Go Australia!

My pre-departure freak outs and my arrival!


Australia Gold Coast, Australia  |  Dec 30, 2013
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Looking back on my trip, I had the best time of my life. 

After arriving in Australia, my pre departure jitters completely disappeared. I made friends, got used to my environment and the way Australia worked. I feel like part of the reason my jitters disapeared was because in the first few weeks, I was excited and overwhelemd with being in Australia. By the time it fully hit me that I was away from home, I had already made some really good friends who were there for me.

My original goals were to have as much fun as I can and to travel and I accomplished both of those! I traveled to Byron Bay, Moreton Island, Brisbane, and the Whitsundays. I had a ton of fun while in Australia. The only times I wasn't having fun was when I was studying. 

I haven't changed too much. I still am the same person as before, but I feel that I'm more confident. I feel like I'm now am more comfortable going outside my comfort zone. 

I have faced challenges while being home. I missing Australia and all my friends like crazy. The worst part though is the cold that I came back to! It's below 0 in Minnesota...I went from 80 degree days to below zero and snow. Ew! Now I have to figure out how to go back to my normal routine (not being able to go to the beach every week). 

I am planning on traveling back to Australia in the future. Now that I know all the good places to go I can save up money to travel back. 

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