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  • 25 years old
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Here We Go Australia!

My pre-departure freak outs and my arrival!

The Best so Far

Australia Gold Coast, Australia  |  Dec 16, 2013
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My greatest adventure was defintely going to Moreton Island. The snorkeling around the ship wrecks brought me the island was filled with a breath taking beauty and the adventurous yet relaxed feeling was hard to escape. While there, we snorkled around ship wrecks, sand boarded and hiked. The sandboarding was like nothing I had ever done before. We FLEW down a sand hill on a small wooden board. The first time I went down I must have had my mouth open in excitement because when I got to the bottom it was filled with sand. 

My greatest challenge was leaving my family and friends for so long. Every once in a while I would long to go home and cuddle with my cat or have a home cooked meal. Whenever these hit, they didn't last long because I refused to sit in a depressed state when I could be at the beach or on an adventure. 

My greatest surprise was how much people drink and go clubbing. I had heard that Australians like to drink but I never thought it was any different than America. And although not all Australians are like this, the college students that I ran into sure were.

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