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Semester on the Gold Coast

My semester abroad studying at Bond University in Australia


Australia Gold Coast, Australia  |  Jan 07, 2014
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 and it made me stronger. 

            My greatest adventure would have to be skydiving. My friend Nikki and I had been planning on it for weeks, and when the day finally came, we had mixed reactions. I was impatient about wanting to be on the plane already, and she was extremely nervous. We finally got our gear on, met our instructors who would be on our backs, and got on the plane. It was a lot smaller than I was expecting, it felt unsafe, but it didn’t matter because we were jumping out anyways. It came time to hop out, and the feeling when you are finally freefalling is indescribable. I applaud people who get amazing pictures, because I completely forgot there was a camera I was supposed to be looking at. Five minutes later, we landed on the ground, and I just felt amazing. Apparently you get an adrenaline rush from it, and then get really exhausted. That explains why we were so tired shortly after. I would recommend skydiving to everyone, because it is such an amazing experience. I cannot wait to do it again.

            My greatest challenge would have to be learning how to become independent. I was always afraid of going places alone, however that changed in Australia. Some times I would love exploring by myself. I still spent plenty of time with friends, but being on my own in a different country just gave me a sense of freedom that was amazing. I took a bus to the train station and took a train to Brisbane, which was an hour away. And I went to a concert by myself. I introduced myself to people my age, and made friends. I often took the bus to the beach and relaxed while tanning by myself. When you are alone, you do what you want. There is no pleasing anyone else. You don’t have to leave until you’re ready, and everything you do is up to you. I never thought I would have done so many things alone, and it made me stronger.

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