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Semester on the Gold Coast

My semester abroad studying at Bond University in Australia

Life Overseas

Australia Gold Coast, Australia  |  Jan 07, 2014
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 It is so interesting to learn from them about their home land and why they came to Bond! 

At Bond University, I live in a building that people call “The A.C.” It’s formally known as the Accommodation Center. I love living in this building because it’s in the center of campus and is really safe.

            Across from my dorm is a café called Juicy Bits, and they have the most delicious pancakes. They don’t take meal plans, just cash or credit. However, it’s so good; I love to go with friends once a week.  Another place I might go to would be Market Square. It’s a 5-10 minute walk from campus and is filled with restaurants. Pizza, Thai food, Chinese food, and Subway are some of the places familiar to my friends and I. Normally where students go for meals is the Brassiere, which is the dining hall that accepts student ID meal plans. The food is pretty good, and I like that you can custom order something, or get eggs and toast at any time of day.

            My schedule consists of four classes: Digital Photography, Intro to Philosophy, Contemporary Issues in Law & Society, and Criminal Profiling. Each class has one lecture and one tutorial weekly. The lectures may have between 30-100 students, but the tutorials never have more than 10. I found it was a lot easier to learn this way, since the teacher definitely knows who understands the material based on your participation in the tutorial.

            My closest friends all lived in my dorm building as well, so it was easy to hang out in the rooms. Everyone in the dorm was pretty familiar with each other, which meant you always knew if something was going on. Tuesday nights at CBD (restaurant/bar) were always a known thing.

Although most of the students in my dorm building were American, they were from different parts of the country. My room mate is Norwegian, and through her I met many people from all around the world. It is so interesting to learn from them about their home land and why they came to Bond!


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