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London Calling

What I am expecting from this experience. What I think my host country and host culture will be like. What I am most excited about. What I am most nervous about.

London Calling Pt. 1

United States New Hampshire, United States  |  Jun 12, 2013
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 It has always been my dream to go to London and thanks to CIS, my dream has come true! 

Hi, my name Kristine Senna and I am an Entertainment Management student at Bay State College in Boston, MA. This summer, I will be studying abroad at the University of Westminster through Cisabroad! It has always been my dream to go to London and thanks to CIS, my dream has come true! I am trying not to have too many expectations as I go abroad because I want to go with the flow and experience everything London has to offer me; if you go into this experience with too many expectations, then you can end up greatly disappointed. I do hope to learn a lot through my courses, make new friendships, and to absorb as much of London's history as I can in six weeks. I am currently a student in Boston, so I feel the city life of Boston can be comparable with that of London, with the only exceptions that London is larger and older. Public transportation, entertainment, shopping, and food is similar as any major city in the States, so it is finding that familiarity to help ease into living in London that makes me feel less nervous about the whole concept. I am an Anglophile, a person who is fond of English culture, and I love everything from British shows, films, fashion, food, culture, and most importantly the MUSIC!!! I am just really excited that I get to go to London and see if it is a place I would move to after graduation to pursue a career in the music industry. As of now, I am most nervous about being away from home and how the curriculum compares to here in the States. I am very excited overall and I hope to see some of you there!


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