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What are the ethnic foods that you eat on a normal basis?

Chips, curry

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Chan eil aon chànan gu leòr

"One language is never enough." Since being in Scotland, I have experienced so much. This has been one life altering experience that I would pay one million pounds for again and again and again.

Bagging a Munro

Scotland Stirling, Scotland  |  Jun 25, 2012
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  • Most interesting part of my trip so far is witnessing a terrible accident and going through three buses in three days.

 This has been one hell of a week for me. 

This has been one hell of a week for me. Since I got here last week on Saturday, I have been on the move.

I toured the University Saturday with a wine tasting get-together of all the International Summer School students and on Sunday, we toured all the major attractions and towns around the Stirling area. I spent a better part of the week settling into the routine of 21-hour days with 3 hours of night as well as trying to get to know flatmates and the ever-confusing transit system. And of course I couldn't get away with not going to class. I have found that some modules are very deceiving and aren't what they say they are.

Thursday the ISS coordinators took us to St. Andrews, the birthplace of golf. It was awesome! But super rainy. My flatmates and I spent most of the day inside in warm cafes drinking tea and having rolls.

The weekend was the most amazing thing ever. I went to the Isle of Skye with this group called Wild in Scotland. It's a gorgeous place to be. The trip getting there was almost more entertaining than actually being there. Friday afternoon when we leave Killin where we had lunch, we're about 10 minutes north when a motorcycle tries to overtake us. Well he crashes and burns to the point where we thought he died. *Note* he made it, but was broken severely. While waiting for the accident report and everything, Danny, our tour guide, leaves the bus running for us. When he returns two-three hours later, he can't start it. Here we have 14 uni students pushing this oversized minivan while our kilt-wearing guide tries to start the van. 

Once we get going, we hit some beautiful places like the Eilean Donan castle and stop off on some points in the Highlands. The next morning we go scallop fishing! It was so cool! I also held a starfish. We see every beautiful place that the Isle of Skye has to offer before we have a delicious batch of fish and chips for tea (dinner). We hit this mountain range called Quiraing. Amazing. I would go there again in a heartbeat to climb the paths that wind through everything.

Sunday we drive down through the mountains (gorgeous) and end up at Loch Ness. It was pouring rain so Nessie decided not to come out to play :( We end our fabulous three-day weekend in a forest walk with homemade ice cream on a teddie cone. 

Tonight, a few of the uni students made the climb of Dumyat hill. It is over 450 metres (1000 feet) to the top! We almost bagged a munro (climb a mountain almost 1000 metres). We got lost on the way down, but the photos are amazing.

I have spent the most amazing time in Scotland so far. I feel like I have so much left to see and I'm so thankful I have seven more weeks of amazing time here.

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