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The End


Time is up

New Zealand Wellington, New Zealand  |  Jul 17, 2013
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Wow it is hard to believe that my time here is already over. It seems like yesterday that I just got here and got myself all settled in. I'm not quite sure where all the time has gone, and I am beginning to realize this is a bitter sweet moment. I am excited to get back and see friends and family from home; I have so much to share with them about my experience over here. Then on the other hand it has started to sink in that I will be leaving all the friends that I have made while I am over here. Hopefully I will get to see them again one day but who knows what is ahead of us.

My time is has been wonderful! I couldn't have asked for a better work experience and all the adventures I had will be lifetime memories. 

It has been real New Zealand and until next time,


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  • Time is up

    July 17, 2013
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