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Returning Home

Inner thoughts of me

Returning Home

Italy Perugia, Italy  |  Apr 10, 2012
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      I am on the three week mark until I go home. My biggest fear of going home is home in itself. I am scared that I will not be able to adjust to my culture, that I won’t be able to communicate my feelings, that I will be rejected by my friends, and that I will not be happy being home. What frustrates me even more is that my friends will not be able to understand this. If I am having a rough day getting adjusted again, I feel like I won’t be able to lean on anyone for support.

       Why? Because I know no one will understand me. I think that is my largest fear of all, no one understanding me. Not understanding my feelings, the changes I just went through, the experiences I just had, and my life I just lived for four months. I do not expect anyone to understand everything I feel or what I have done, but I expect people to be understanding and patient with me.

        What will it feel like to be home? I can imagine the simple little things, such as a dryer for my clothes, peanut butter, English language, my own bed, friends… I cannot imagine the culture though. I know what it was like when I was home, but I have been in Italy. I have been living a stress free, slow paced and relaxed life. What I remember of home is a stressed, fast paced, never any “me time” kind of life. That is another reason for why I am scared to go home.

         Even though I am scared, I am extremely excited to go home! I will be with my friends and in a place in which I know the customs. I have absolutely loved my time in Italy, but after four months, I am definitely ready for my home. I have met amazing people and seen breathtaking views; I will never forget any of it.

      In the end, I hope I am able to keep in contact with some of the people I have met. They have made an impact in my life, my heart, and my memories. I am not going to dwell on saying goodbyes just yet though! I have this week and two more to live! I am living, loving, and creating a life time of movies <3

“It’s when you find the confidence to be who you are, that you can become more.”

  – Wendy Williamson

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  • Returning Home

    April 10, 2012
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