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I'm Home

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I'm Home

United States Ohio, United States  |  May 22, 2012
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It has been two and a half weeks since I have been back in the States. When I was in Italy, I thought I was going to experience the worst reverse culture shock. I was afraid of my friends not accepting me, my home not feeling like home, the food and water making me sick, and not being understood by everything. Now that I am home, I have not experienced it. I am shocked to no end. Maybe it was because I expected the worst and really thought it was going to happen. Heck, even the jet lag was not bad! It did not hit me until a few days later, but it was only a slight fatigue for a day or two.

I returned to the States on April 27, 2012 after three and a half months. I flew from Rome, Italy to Washington, D.C. I landed around 3pm. I was excited and ready for my connecting flight. Although, I had to go through customs and security first! I was scared I was not going to make my flight because the line in customs was extremely long. I had two hours to spare before my connecting flight left. So, with the thought of missing that flight, I waited in line and turned my cell phone on for the first time. I texted my dad’s girlfriend to let her know I was back in the States, as well as my boyfriend. My dad’s girlfriend did not respond, but my man sure did! He was sooo excited to know I was back in the States again! He made me happy and even more excited to get back home.

After customs I had to go pick up my luggage, drop it off, and go through security. Well, I missed a step because my luggage was nowhere to be found. I made a claim and found out it did not follow me back home! I was upset for a minute, but I knew this would happen. My luggage was not late or missing when I left the United States so it had to be this time around. After accepting that, I moved on through security. Once through, I had to go to a different gate. To do that, I had to take a connecting train (Gate A6C). Once there, Josh called me, we talked for a bit and then I called Sarah. After that conversation, I was on my way back to Ohio! Yes, there were not stops in between customs, security, and finding my gate!

Finally, at 7pm (eastern time), I landed in Dayton, OH. And by 10pm I made it back to my house. I stayed up until 1am just because I was wide awake and talking to friends. The next day, I went to visit friends at my college for a few days before summer came, and I visited my boyfriend. I had a really good time with everyone. Right now, I am in the search of an apartment and a job. I will never forget my experience abroad, but I will never forget the people who are a part of my life today.

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  • I'm Home

    May 22, 2012
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