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Take in as much history and culture to take back home with you. Live as much as you can, because you may never have it experience again.

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Forever in my Memory: Perugia, Italy

Inner thoughts of Me.

Forever in my Memory: Perugia, Italy

United States West Virginia, United States  |  Jul 20, 2012
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I have been back in the States for about three months now. I talk about Italy. About how I saw castles, how I ate the freshest foods, how I did my laundry, what I saw every day, and how I attempted to learn the language. It is hard sometimes. People do not want to hear me and it hurts. I know it’s not intentional to hurt me or my feelings, but it is because they simply do not want to hear about it anymore. When I find myself talking about Italy, I finish my story and apologize. This is new, apologizing.

I do miss some things from Italy, but I know that I am home and I love it. I love my home, my country even though I see some things that need to be fixed, I still love it. But I lived in Italy for four months of my life. I fell in love there. I left a part of my heart in my apartment, with my friends, and the places I visited. I try not to think too often of Italy because I do get sad. Sometimes I feel like a good cry will help me. I have fought this urge for the past few weeks. I have recently allowed myself to be sad. My best friend who has been abroad before Italy told me that in order to get over whatever I am feeling, I need to allow myself to cry, to be sad, to mourn. As much as I want to, I don’t want to. I look at myself and only see what my friends will think about me crying; that I do not want to be in the States and that I am miserable.  How can I convince them that I am not miserable, that I just need a good cry?

While I am sitting here thinking, it is not really Italy in itself that I miss, it is the people, my friends that I really miss. I literally just posted on each person’s Facebook wall telling them that I miss them. Also, I think I am missing my friends from school. I went four months without seeing them and I saw them for about three days when they were in the middle of their finals. Then I was gone again. It is tough. In one month, I will be finishing my last year of college. If it kills me, I am going to spend as much time creating memories because who knows when I will be able to be carefree like a college student again?

I love Italy.I love the experience I had while in Italy.I love home.I love the people who make it home.

Forever in my memories: Perugia, Italy.

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  • Forever in my Memory: Perugia, Italy

    July 20, 2012
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