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Life in London!

This is my post of my very first few days abroad.

Edinburgh Adventures

United Kingdom London, United Kingdom  |  Nov 30, 2013
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So, I have finally ended my crazy three weeks of traveling.  The adventure concluded with a short weekend trip to Edinburgh, Scotland.  It was a very eventful trip even before I arrived in Scotland, let me tell you.  Because cabs are so expensive in London, especially to and from airports, I try to take the train as often as I can. The trip might be a little longer and a little more of a hassle, but I will take a 25 pound transportation option with a little hassle over a 90 pound transportation any day.  The night before my flight I made sure to look at my flight info and book a train ticket to get me to the airport.  The next morning I made my way to the train station and boarded my train.  As I was sitting I checked my boarding pass and noticed that the gate closed for my flight at 10:40! I mistakenly read the flight departure time as the gate closure time the night before and now instead of having a good hour and 15 minutes to get through security once I arrived, I only had thirty minutes.

Once I stepped onto the platform of the airport train station I booked it to security, my poor suitcase dragging and wobbling behind me. Waiting through the line at security was MADDENING because I thought for sure I was going to be late, but finally I arrived at the terminals. In the end, I ended up waiting over an hour to board my flight that ended up being delayed. Just my luck. :P

When I arrived in Scotland, Becca (Allison's sister and an old friend) met me at the bus stop and we walked back to her flat.  Becca was living with three roomates: a polish girl, a girl from Pakistan, and a girl from Sweden.  They were all very nice and invited me to go out with them the next evening. That first night I spent the time catching up with Becca, talked with her friends and roommates and rested after an exhausting trip. 

The next day was very eventful.  Becca took me along to all the attractions in the city center. I saw the famous Edinburgh castle, beautiful churches, many monuments built for historical figures I didn't know, and so many people in kilts!  We also went to the Christmas Market which was a famous yearly festival set up in Edinburgh each year.  It was busy but a lot of fun to see all the Christmas goods for sale and smell all the great food from the German vendors who commonly run the festival.

It was bitterly cold all day, so eventually Becca and I cracked and went back to the flat to warm up and rest.. After a little rest, we met Becca's flatmates for dinner at a very delicious Italian restaurant and were all treated to free champagne.  After being stuffed with pizza, we went back to the flat and got ready to go out to a club event called Soulsville.  The club played all old songs from the 50's and 60's.  It was a blast! Definitely better than clubs that play that awful house music! Finally we got back at about 3:30 am and I passed out from exhaustion after a very long, but fun day.  

The next morning Becca and her friend took me to the top of Arthur's Seat which is a "mountain" in Scotland.  The trek was muddy and very steep and I thought I was going to die, but we made it and the view was beautiful.  We ended the night by going to the Christmas market once again to watch fireworks.  After that, I gathered my belongings and headed back to the airport.  The trip was wonderful and I only wish I could have stayed longer. Edinburgh was a perfect mixed city that was not as crazy as Paris or London, but more exciting than Austria.  It was definitely one of my favorite destinations I visited.

Now I am back home and I am spending the week getting prepared to submit my final assignments for school.  It's so close to the end of term which I am very excited about and also really nervous about. I can tell you one thing for sure, though. School work is definitely not as fun as traveling!

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