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Sarah Goes To Rome!

Starting at the end of August, I'll be spending my Fall 2013 semester studying abroad at the American University of Rome. I've never been overseas and hope to go many new places, have incredible adventures, learn fascinating new things, and of course, write all about it here. Make sure to check in and share these incredible new experiences with me.

Best of the Best

Italy Rome, Italy  |  Dec 14, 2013
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Well, today I'm home.. but it's not the time to talk about that. Now's the time to put up the last entry I wrote while I was still in Rome.

I've had so many adventures while in Europe. It's unbelievable that a person can make so many great memories in such a short amount of time.. looking back on these last few months will be like a neverending greatest hits reel. So I'm just going to share with you the best of what I've experienced so far because it's just as fun for me to look back on it.

Greatest adventure: Oktoberfest. It's something everyone hears about, and many replicate in their own kind of parties, but not many get to experience the real thing. The first week of October, I went to Munich and camped out nearby the festival. You meet so many people when you're camping because unlike a hostel, you can't just hangout inside your room because that space is just meant for sleeping and not big enough for any socializing. You're out and about in the campsite when you're not at the festival, and off having a great time meeting people in the tents when you're there. It was one of my first trips I made during my time abroad and by far the most memorable. I'll always be able to look back and think of it as one of the first and and greatest stories of my time abroad.

Greatest challenge: Public transportation. I'm not a city girl. I never lived in one before this, and so I'm so used to driving myself everywhere I need to be. Public transportation at home is non-existant. So when I first got to Rome and realized that in order to get to school or pretty much anywhere I'd have to get used to the trams and buses, it was a bit nervewracking. Especially since Rome's public transportation can be a bit unreliable. There are many strikes, and many different bus routes, and schedules aren't really a concern to them so things tend to come when they feel like it. Despite all of that, I figured things out, found out where to look to see if a strike was going on and knew how to walk home from wherever I was. 

Greatest difference: This one is actually pretty related to the last. Time. I was so used to America where things opened and closed at certain times, were open all the hours in between, and people are always in a rush. Italy is a completely different place. Afternoon siestas mean stores are closed when I would typically go at home. Professors will come to class a little late and expect that you won't mind staying five minutes past the class's end time. Even at restaurants, the waiter will leave you and not come back for an extended period of time. While Americans are used to fast service and want to be in and out, Italians expect that if you're out to get a meal, you want to have a great time and will want to relax and spend time with those you came with. It's a great difference. One I never entirely got used to, but one I also learned to appreciate.

Greatest surprise: The greatest surprise was just how used I got to Italy. It's a wonderful place, but just so entirely different from home in every aspect. And yet, despite all of it, I came to love it here and think of it like my second home. My Rome Home. To be in a place so different from where I grew up and still love it with such a short amount of time to spend here is an amazing surprise and a great experience.

Well, the next entry I'll be writing, I'll be at home. So strange to say. Goodbye, Rome. I can't wait until I can come back.

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