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Sarah Goes To Rome!

Starting at the end of August, I'll be spending my Fall 2013 semester studying abroad at the American University of Rome. I've never been overseas and hope to go many new places, have incredible adventures, learn fascinating new things, and of course, write all about it here. Make sure to check in and share these incredible new experiences with me.

A Week In The Life...

Italy Rome, Italy  |  Dec 09, 2013
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 With every corner you turn, there's always something more to see in Rome. 

Ciao! So here I am in my last week.. weird. Time has gone way too fast! Finals and packing have me thinking of all the great memories and times I have here.. even if it's just a normal week. So I figured I'd give you a basic idea of what a typical week for me would be like living in Rome!

Ahhh Mondays. The dreaded first day of the school week. Well.. it's really not that much to dread here. I'm so used to dorm life back at my school, but here in Rome I share an apartment with 5 other girls in the neighborhood of Trastevere. So when I wake up, rather than have to worry about going to a dining hall to get my breakfast, I cook it right in the apartment. There are two supermarkets within walking distance of my apartment, so I generally go a couple times a week. Food goes bad here a little quicker than at home because they don't use as many preservatives, but that just means fresher, better meals. I do a lot of cooking throughout the week.. mostly pasta. Strange as it seems, I still can't get enough of it. Of course, Mondays also come with classes.. which also means getting up to school. I'm typically used to waking up, rolling out of bed, and walking two minutes to class, but here is a little bit different. There is a tram that runs right outside my apartment building which I take a couple stops up the road where I then catch a bus up to school. Public transportation can be a little spotty and you can never really depend on the buses to come when you need them to, but as long as you leave yourself plenty of time, getting to class on time is never an issue.

Classes aren't really too bad, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have to work in order to do well. Although a lot of students think of studying abroad as more about the being abroad and less about the studying, there is a certain level of work involved. After all, it is studying abroad.. otherwise it would just be traveling! Mondays mean two classes in a row and then I'm free for the rest of the afternoon. Sometimes I just go back to my apartment and enjoy a little relaxation time, but I often find myself walking around a bit to explore. Even though I'm almost done with the semester, I still find myself doing this. With every corner you turn, there's always something more to see in Rome.

Tuesdays are a bit more fun for me. I only have one class, so it's an excellent day to go out and explore. The Trevi Fountain and the shopping street, Via del Corso are some of my favorite areas to people watch and just take in the scenery, so I find myself there a lot. No matter where I go, I always make sure I'm back at the school in time for my favorite class, Criminology. As a Psychology major, it's so interesting to learn about the different kinds of crime and why a person might commit one.

Wednesdays bring my first morning class of the week.. but I can't say I mind it too much because it's an onsite class. My sociology class, Living Rome, meets at a different place every week. We're given directions by the professor, and meet at 9 in different neighborhoods and areas of the city. It's so incredibly interesting because the professor takes us to places that as a visitor to Rome, I would never think to go. We visit residential neighborhoods or places just outside the city such as the Park of the Aqueducts and learn about the social structure of Rome and how it came to this point.

Thursday mornings mean another morning class.. but once again, I get the pleasure of having it be an onsite class. Art of Rome.. where we have class in places such as the Colosseum, the Vatican, and Piazza Navona. Now really.. that cannot be beat. All of the places we get to sit and learn about are places that a person hears about all the time in history classes or just loves looking at pictures of back home. Now when I'm home and someone talks about the Sistine Chapel, I'm able to say I went there for class. How cool is that!?

Wednesdays and Thursdays can also be a lot of fun because as the school week draws to an end, my friends and I have less work for the next couple days and more time to go out. Sometimes we go to a nice dinner in Trastevere, which has so many options for food as well as bars and shopping. We'll get some pizza and a bottle of wine and have a nice relaxing night.

Many of my Thursdays this semester though meant the beginning of a new adventure. As this is my first time in Europe, I wanted to make sure I saw as much of it as possible. I spent at least half of the weekends this semester traveling to different countries with my friends. I've been to Munich for Oktoberfest, Croatia, Greece, Barcelona, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Prague, as well as traveling within Italy to Florence, Pisa, and the Tuscan region in general. We would pack up our bags and leave on Thursday night after our classes were done for the week. Then we would return on Sunday night, just in time to get our work done and head to class the next day. We would be a little tired and run down, but it was always worth it.

Well, that's a general outlook on most of my weeks. As I wrote all of this out, I found it harder and harder to believe that it's all coming to an end. Well, until next time.. Ciao!

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