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  • 25 years old
  • From Pennsylvania, United States
  • Currently in Rome, Italy

Sarah Goes To Rome!

Starting at the end of August, I'll be spending my Fall 2013 semester studying abroad at the American University of Rome. I've never been overseas and hope to go many new places, have incredible adventures, learn fascinating new things, and of course, write all about it here. Make sure to check in and share these incredible new experiences with me.

Looking Back..

Italy Rome, Italy  |  Nov 26, 2013
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As my time is quickly winding down here in Rome, I've been thinking a lot about home and how I felt about coming here before I left. At the time I was a bundle of excitement and nerves and in a way I'm still like that. No matter how long I've been here I still feel so excited and lucky to have this opportunity.. and everything's been pretty much exactly as I've expected. I've had my speed bumps along the way (the expected language barriers and culture differences), but so far it's been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

One of the things I'm glad to have been right about is that speaking even the most basic English is a pretty common thing here. I wish I knew as much Italian as they do English. In fact, a lot of the times when I'll try out my Italian I've been learning, they immediately switch over to English.. guess I need a little practice.

I certainly wasn't expecting to do as much traveling as I've had time for. I was so worried about coming over here since that was the first plane ride I'd ever done alone, but since I've been here, I've been traveling by planes and trains for most weekends. All booked entirely by myself and with all travel and accomodations figured out between me and the friends I've made here. It's wonderful to feel so independent, even in little ways like this.

My friends are another thing I'm glad for.. well since it's closing in on Thanksgiving I'll just say I'm thankful for them. Tis the season. I came here knowing no one and I can't say I wasn't even a little bit concerned that it'd be difficult to make friends.. now I don't know how I'll be able to leave them! Although making friends from all over the country will be an excellent excuse to travel...

Can't believe that it was 3 months ago that I wrote that first entry.. not much longer here. Better enjoy it while I can!

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