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  • Winding down

    Travel Journal from Australia Melbourne, Australia | Tue May 31, 2011

    Everything is winding down here.  I'm starting to realize how much I have to get done with my classes in the next 6 weeks, not to mention several things I want to do and see before I go!  I've been working as much as I can so I can save enough money to make it to the home stretch!  The 10 day vacation with my family was amazing (especially beautiful Easter …

    May 2011

  • First day of Classes

    Travel Journal from Australia Newcastle, Australia | Mon Feb 28, 2011

    Australia is too much fun and I love it here. The first week i was in Cairns and got to go scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef and that was beyond amazing.  I got to see sea turtles and hold a sea cucumber, see a sting ray and when we were leaving the reef we even got to see a shark!  Newcaslte is very interesting and the Uni is …

    Semester in Australia

  • Great Barrier Reef

    Travel Journal from Australia Queensland, Australia | Sat Jan 29, 2011

    The Great Barrier Reef was one of the most beautiful places ive ever seen. We went with our orientation group on the pasisons catamaran and i scuba dove for the first time. Besides the beauty of the reef and the clear water, we saw tons of wildlife such as sharks, sea turtles, and stingrays.


  • April (Four)

    Travel Journal from Australia Newcastle, Australia | Fri Apr 30, 2010

    So it's April, and time is going pretty fast. I was expecting it to because that's what always happens, what I wasn't expecting it to be this fast! Anyways, I love it here. I love the climate, the people, the environment and just the way it feels gived me a good feeling. Here on campus at the University of Newcastle, I live in the dorms in a "self catered" house they …


  • Home :[

    Travel Journal from United States Pennsylvania, United States | Thu Apr 29, 2010

    Unfortunately, I am home now.  Being in Australia was by far the best experience I have ever had.  It flew by and ended way too quickly.  I would give anything to be back there again and I would recommend everyone to have this experience.  I am incredibly jetlagged and miserable to be home here are all the things I miss most:     Things I miss about Australia: ·       Kebabs ·       Grilled tomatoes with breaky ·       …

    Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

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