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  • Day 1: Welcome to Cabo Verde

    Travel Journal from Cape Verde Boa Vista, Cape Verde | Sat Mar 12, 2011

    So my first impression of Boa Vista yesterday: awesome. There isn't much vegetation or anything, just lots of sand, but it has great character. The resort's architecture is simply beautiful and all the dirt roads remind me of Arizona, so I felt right at ease almost immediately. Today was our first full day at the resort. It started pretty chill: running on the beach, grabbing a late breakfast, hanging by the …

    Spring Break '11

  • Exploring Mannheim

    Travel Journal from Germany Mannheim, Germany | Tue Jan 18, 2011

    Yesterday, after dropping the best friend off at the bahnhof, mum and I went and walked around downtown Mannheim for a while. She had heard of Mannheimer Schloss and it was supposed to be really pretty so we headed there. Turns out Mannheim Palace really is pretty, and also, is used as part of the universitat. There were some students sitting on the steps and lots of bicyclists cycling around …

    Winter Holiday 10/11

  • Day 44: ...Its Over (Dublin)

    Travel Journal from Ireland Dublin, Ireland | Sat Jun 26, 2010

    Tom started off the day with us by giving us a short coach tour of Dublin. We got to get out for a bit and see: the famine ship (whose name I don’t remember) which was the only ship to not lose any person on its way to America; the famine memorial (it was quite sad, a bunch of statues clearly starving who all had a haunted expression); a beautiful …

    British Isles 2010

  • Reflections

    Travel Journal from United Kingdom London, United Kingdom | Sun Jun 27, 2010

    Looking back over my five months abroad I don’t think I would change a moment of my adventure overseas.   My pre departure jitters worked themselves out as soon as I got settled into my new home in London, and I think it was have been more difficult for me to adjust to leaving London than it was to arrive!  Before I left for my journey I hoped to have an …

    My London Adventure

  • Post Reading Week Stuffz

    Travel Journal from United Kingdom London, United Kingdom | Fri Mar 05, 2010

    Ok…it’s been a while…but I have a perfectly good excuse!  Actually, I have a number of them lol.  First, last week was reading week on campus.  This was a major shock to me—imagine having a week of no classes in the middle of February!  Admittedly, I spent very little time studying, or being particularly productive in general… (don’t worry, I finished a paper, so I did SOMETHING).  I …

    London 2010

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