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This group is for students who are attending or have attended a CIS Ireland program.

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  • Three Weeks So Far

    Travel Journal from Ireland Limerick, Ireland | Sun Sep 19, 2010

    Three weeks in Ireland and still everything seems new and exciting. I've finally picked all my classes and everything's starting to settle down a bit. I've visited a couple places and made plans to visit a few more. My first weekend after being in Limerick, I went with a few friends to Galway, which was exciting! It was the first time I had stayed in a hostel and all in all was …

    Ireland 2010-2011

  • Reflection

    Travel Journal from United States Connecticut, United States | Thu Jun 24, 2010

    I had no pre-departure jitters I was ready to go to Ireland I am very good at traveling and setting up in new places. So my transition was fine the only hting that was horrible was being stuck in such an expensive city for so long. I was not able to better understand the Irish culture since I was stuck in Dublin where the Irish girls ran around with caked …


  • A Week in Limerick

    Travel Journal from Ireland Limerick, Ireland | Fri Apr 16, 2010

    I usually keep very busy during the week. Since I have been in Ireland, I have tried to be as social as possible, and to say yes to every opportunity available, making some weeks different than others. The one thing that stays the same is class. I have class Monday- Friday every week, and along with class comes homework. I almost always eat at my apartment with my roommates because …

    A Week inIreland

  • at the airport...again

    Travel Journal from United States New York, United States | Tue Jun 01, 2010

    I know I said I didn't really want to go home, but I didn't mean that I wanted to be stuck in the airport overnight.  I am going to take this nearly three-day-long disaster of getting home as a sign that I really was meant to stay in Ireland. 

    Study Abroad Adventure

  • Everythings coming up Roses

    Travel Journal from Ireland Dublin, Ireland | Fri May 14, 2010

    I am a tad late with this update but I've been super busy traveling all over Ireland and even Spain. But that's for another time. I suspect there is an ounce of curiosity about a week in the life of this girl, right?  Santry is a little subset town of Dublin. I am not stationed in the city at any means. It actually reminds me of Londonderry New Hampshire where I live …

    Sláinte: A toast to Ireland

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      pinned Katherine27 replied to Past, Present, and Future 7 Years ago

      Lauren! I'll see you soon then :)

      I'd have to say the part I love the most about Ireland is all the connections you make. Being here not even a year yet and it already feels like a second home! I started off as a 1 year study abroad student and now I'm happy to say I'm a full time student at the University of Limerick! Being here gives you so many oppertunities to meet some amazing people and get the chance to see so much around the country and around Europe. Just not looking forward to having to say goodbye to everyone at the end of the year..