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This group is for students who have attended or are attending a CIS Scotland program.

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  • My Last Day in Scotland

    Travel Journal from Scotland Stirling, Scotland | Fri Jun 03, 2011

                Today is my last full day in Stirling, I leave to go home tomorrow and sadly I won’t be home until midnight. To finish up my last week on campus, I have been trying to do a lot which included hanging out with some friends, walking to the Wallace Monument, hiking a mountain, shopping for souvenirs and seeing sights in both Stirling and Edinburgh. It has been a busy …

    My First Trip Abroad: the ins and outs of Scotland

  • Refections

    Travel Journal from United States Maine, United States | Fri Jun 18, 2010

    I've been home for just under two weeks now and in a way it feels like I never left home. Of course I am different, I have learned so much and had lots of new experiences. I thought before I left that I would be really nervous, but I wasn't. I think that showed me that I have more strength and bravery than I thought I did. I learned that I …

    My Semester in Stirling

  • April: Get Ready

    Travel Journal from United Kingdom Stirling, United Kingdom | Fri Apr 30, 2010

    I hate to say that my day-to-day life is boring. But unfortunately, on paper this appears to be true. I could sit here and run down my schedule for you, when I have Uni, and when I get up to run or what I put in my morning porridge. I could tell you that I go to the grocery store more often than most students and that I look forward to cooking …

    A Semester at Stirling

  • Mom in St. Andrews

    Travel Journal from United Kingdom United Kingdom | Wed Nov 26, 2008

    The last day with my mom was spent relaxed, walking through the small but very important (to golf) town of St. Andrews. We even got to go into the gold museum for free because it was St. Andrews week. We walked along the coast, passing the ruined castle and finishing at the Cathedral. My mom was just as impressed by the remains of the stone edifice as I was. It …

    Edinburgh, Stirling, Cullen, and Glasgow