Intern in Florence 2011

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A group for CIS students attending an internship program in Florence, Italy.

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    • talinagon's Profile Pic
      pinned talinagon replied to Intern in Florence 7 Years ago

      Hi Susin!

      Sorry for the late response. I've struggled so much with this program that I will not be joining this year.
      I'm pursuing another program though for a much lower cost. Hopefully it will be in Italy. I will keep in touch.
      Good luck and safe travels :)

    • JenBertino's Profile Pic
      pinned JenBertino replied to 6 week internship 7 Years ago

      Yeah I totally hear ya about trying to pay for it all. I would love to travel. I don't know how much traveling I will be able to do but I am so excited!

    • Marco98824's Profile Pic
      pinned Marco98824 replied to Intern in Florence 7 Years ago

      Ill be there may-july! i want to travel as much as possible! I want to to to Milan, Sardegna, Sicily, and Puglia. Where does everyone else want to go?