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My First Trip to Europe: Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

I will be writing here for family and friends to follow me, read about my experiences, and view photos that I will be taking while abroad.

Hike and Catalan Meal!

Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Sep 01, 2012
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Hello everyone, here is another update of what we have been doing (:

Yesterday we went on a hike after taking a tram a bit up the mountain, which I can’t remember the name of right now..but once we got to the top we could start to see the city below and by the time we reached the top we could see all of Barce. It was so beautiful and a great workout! We hiked, took pictures, and finally reached the restaurant where we had a traditional Catalan meal. It was at least two hours, and there was so much food. Salad (with tuna on top), pan con tomate (bread- you rub garlic, tomato, drizzle olive oil over that and then finish with a dash of salt REALLY yummy), tortilla de patatas (egg and potato, which is the Spanish omelette but looks sort of like a pie/quiche without the crust also REALLY yummy) and meat..which I think was Spanish sausage of some sort and lamb, not sure since I don’t like red meat. I tried a few bites of the sausage and it was alright I suppose. We also had white beans and papas fritas or fries but these were more like potato wedges.

All in all it was a great time and it was cool to eat a traditional meal together. At the end of the meal we were in for a surprise of what we were going to to next..I’m going to post a video of this but I’ll give you a hint: you do this with a Porron. Now I should add that this was a completely non-alcoholic activity but normally done with wine. The point of it is to hold the Porron as far away as you can. After that we had dessert which was chocolate cake, and that was the end of our meal!

Other than that things are going well, just getting to know everything and getting settled in. My roommate and I have gotten lost a few times but that’s all a part of the learning experience. Since we were a half hour late to orientation because we got lost, we missed intros and the name game and all that fun but hopefully the rest of orientation week we can get to know everyone better before school starts.

Ps, if you click on the video make sure you scroll up and the video will be at the top of the page

Miss you guys!


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