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My First Trip to Europe: Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

I will be writing here for family and friends to follow me, read about my experiences, and view photos that I will be taking while abroad.

New Semester, New Experiences

Spain Barcelona, Spain  |  Jan 31, 2013
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Hey guys :)

So I have a few hours to kill before I move into my apartment and I wanted to send out an update about how everything has been going so far..

As some of you may know, I got stuck in O'Hare for almost 9 hours after many delays and cancellations (I was originally supposed to leave at 2:15). Ended up leaving sometime around 9 but that wasn't the end of the complications in the journey this time around. I'm thankful that I don't have much to complain about to say the least but man was that rough being stuck in the airport. Anyway, the flight that I was on was the result of two different flights being cancelled and so of course everyone was making single-serving friends, complaining about how long they'd been traveling and wanted to get where they were going as well as sharing stories of where and why they were traveling.

The most entertaining thing that happened to me was a middle-aged drunk man whispering into my ear every time we were stopped by someone loading their carry-on luggage into an overhead compartment. He definitely made me laugh but I couldn't help but feel awkward because he kept whispering things like "United sucks" or "this airlines sucks" or even "the only reason why I took this flight was because I thought it would be through Lufthansa". I felt awkward for him because he used kind of a condescending tone directed at the airlines, but was whispering loud enough for the flight attendants to hear him.

Hmm also, for future reference, if you're walking away from your stuff while you announce that you trust your single-serving airport friends, you probably shouldn't say things like "there's not a bomb, or anything" while you walk away. Of course I didn't do this because I'm not a ding-dong, but this other guy did and wow haha luckily the others around me didn't hear him or just laughed it off. Thanks Al-Qaeda/other terrorist groups!

Something else that was kind of funny to me- a man tried to fit his luggage into an overhead compartment that was clearly not going to fit but he continued to try..after noticing what he was doing, another man whose jacket and briefcase were already in it, started saying "hey man, be careful with the jacket". Okay, FIRST of all, if your jacket is that nice it shouldn't be in an overhead compartment where other people will obviously be moving around whatever is in it to get their stuff into it. Second, if your jacket was so nice you would have folded it or at least done something other than just throw it in there like it were some rag. So basically I was shaking my head at both of them the entire time...

From takeoff everything went well. The flight was fine and so was my connecting flight. As soon as we started to descend into Barcelona I started getting really really excited; a glad to be "home" feeling. My luggage did get left in Germany and that was frustrating but it was a nice surprise that they were able to deliver it the same day. Which brings me to the apartment that I stayed in last night!!The apartment that I will be living in this semester wasn't ready until today so last night I stayed in another apartment with other students from the same program. They received an e-mail that I would be staying with them for the night so when I arrived my bed was made- which was SO nice of them. It felt great to meet such nice people and they really made a great first impression. Also, one of the roommates made me dinner which was seriously just so kind and that way I didn't have to go out (I was just going to go to bed without eating because I was so tired and didn't want to leave knowing my stuff would be delivered). The two girls also let me use their shower stuff and let me borrow some clothes to sleep in. So needless to say I'm really happy and can't wait to meet the other students.

Today I went out for lunch and it's as if I never left in the first place. I was nervous that I would lose some of my Spanish but really I'm getting right back into it. And something that's great now that was different from last semester is that even though people have tried talking to me in English I continue to speak Spanish. I'm becoming so comfortable with the language and that makes me really happy. I don't think I could say that last semester.

I can't say this enough but I am so incredibly happy to be back for another semester and can't believe that I am here. It's a true blessing and although sometimes I think that it will be the best thing I ever accomplish in life, I think that I want to continue to do great things after this. But I know I need to live in the moment, so that's what I'm doing for now. I'm going to do me, and not worry about a damn thing. I can totally be myself here, do what I love to do (speak Spanish), and that is probably the absolute greatest feeling in the world. Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to this point, whether it be through support or guidance, emotionally or financially. I love you all so much.

With all that being said, I'm going to relax a little bit and pack all of my stuff to get ready for the move. The next time I blog it will be from my apartment!! :)

With love,


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