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Una Yanqui en Buenos Aires

Working and living in Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you're still free, start running away

Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Apr 27, 2015
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Today I have been in Buenos Aires for two weeks and I wanted to start my journal before I let too much time pass without writing :)

The first week: 

The first week here was CRAZY. And that's a complete understatement. I landed in the morning, got into the city in the early afternoon and crashed hard for a few hours before I had my first meeting. Yes, I had my first meeting for my job the day I got into BSAS. Crazy, right? I could barely comprehend words let alone keep it together for a meeting...but I did the best that I could and it turned out fantastically. The next day was my first day of observing (btw, I'm a profesora of English). I observed the rest of the week while trying to get to know the city and hanging out..

The second week:

Last week I had my first solo classes with my students. They are all super awesome, friendly, and caring. Instead of teaching in a classroom I teach in their apartments or houses, which makes for a nice and relaxed learning environment. It's also really nice because we often have class while drinking coffee or eating a snack.

One of my students even made Mate so that I could try it since I hadn't before.

Mate: a popular hot drink that is most relatable to tea, made from yerba mate, and shared during social settings. One person brews Mate and then passes it to someone in the room. That person drinks it, then passes it back to the brewer who makes more and passes it to the next person. This process is continuous until every person has had one serving, and then it starts all over again. Mate gourds can vary in size but the ones I've seen are small, so this process is repeated a few times.

A little bit about Porteños and random thoughts about the city:

Porteños/as: people who are from Buenos Aires 

El/La Yanqui: nickname given to North Americans..means yankee, but not offensive.  

This city is lively AF.  It is a lot like Europe in the sense that people are always out and about, hanging out at cafés or just walking around aimlessly. The streets are filled with people and most of the time you can barely get to where you need to go because sidewalks are tiny. This is especially true during the week. I think over 80% of people who work in Buenos Aires don't live in the city because it’s way more expensive than living in the suburbs. It might even be more than 80%. It makes for nice, quiet weekends though. Public trans is really decent but good luck catching a bus or subte (subway) that’s actually on time. And during rush hour, good luck getting on either the first time you walk up to the stop or station. Once I had to wait for four subte trains to pass before there was enough room for me to squeeze in. I’m talking SARDINE STYLE people. And oh by the way the subways aren’t air conditioned and it’s hot and humid AF in this city.

I have yet to experience nightlife here but apparently it’s a lot like Spanish nightlife and people are out until the early hours of the morning. Hopefully I’ll go out sometime soon and salsa a little bit :) 

That’s all for now! Until next time XOXO

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