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  • T-minus 4 days

    Travel Journal from United States Massachusetts, United States | Wed Jan 16, 2013

    Writing this, I’m sitting in bed looking at the mess in my room dreading the fact that I will have to deal with it very soon.  My half filled suitcase from Punta Cana is sandy and waiting to be cleaned.  Bags and stocking stuffers from Christmas are randomly thrown around the room.  My backpack from fall semester is still half full next to my new years party …

    I'm Going to Africa!?

  • Bye, Bye

    Travel Journal from United States Nebraska, United States | Thu Jan 10, 2013

    I’m sitting here staring at my empty suitcases by the piles and piles of my neatly stacked belongings and hopelessly wishing, for not the first time, that I was some sort of wizard. That’s really the only way that all of this crap is going to fit here. There is a distinct possibility that I’m making that rookie mistake and overpacking.. a bit.  Having never left the US before, I’m finding …

    She's Leaving Home

  • Tico Time

    Travel Journal from Costa Rica San Jose, Costa Rica | Wed Jan 09, 2013

    Today was a slower day but it was nice. A day on tico time I suppose (tico time = don't rush anything). I had lunch at the pizzeria next to Veritas for lunch -que fue muy deliciosa! I went with Amanda, a friend from North Carolina, and we chatted about how the last thing we want to think about is homework in Costa Rica. Who does that?  My tico padre said that …

    Pura Vida

  • Come on Australia!

    Travel Journal from United States Texas, United States | Wed Jan 09, 2013

    So here I am sitting at home, its 2 in the morning and I have just finished cleaning my apartment from floor to ceiling. Im laying with my dog bemo, he is sleeping.  All I can think about right now is me getting into the study abroad program for the summer. I am wanting to go study photography in Australia for a month. I have always dreamed of going to Australia, …

    Come on Australia!

  • Withdrawals

    Travel Journal from United States Connecticut, United States | Tue Jan 08, 2013

    I have been home for the past 1 1/2 months now. It is getting pretty boring since I don't work many hours, and I like being busy. I go back to school next week, which I am excited and nervous about. This semester is going to be so busy for me. I am crossing my fingers that I can graduate a semester early! I miss a lot of things about Australia; …


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