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  • Reflection

    Travel Journal from United States Tennessee, United States | Sat Jun 15, 2013

    After an incredible 5 months I am back in The States. I cannot even begin to describe how amazing this experience was. I have been home for less than a week and I have missed London every single day. Studying abroad provided eye opening experiences and incredible adventures. It is impossible to pick the greatest adventure or the greatest experience. Having the opportunity to live in London and explore the …

    London Calling

  • Your wings already exist; all you have to do is FLY

    Travel Journal from United States Colorado, United States | Sat Jun 15, 2013

    IRELAND IRELAND IRELAND One hour until my ridiculously long flight to London Heathrow Airport. I have exchanged my US dollars for far fewer Euros. I will be keeping a journal throughout my trip, if I remember, to maintain a scholarship with CIS Abroad. What a wonderful opportunity they have given me?! I think the least I can do is maintain an adequate travel journal in return. I will be leaving Denver …

    Whenever possible: Choose ADVENTURE!

  • The End Is Nigh

    Travel Journal from Ireland Limerick, Ireland | Sat Jun 15, 2013

    So I don't like saying this, but it's almost time for me to start packing up and getting ready to go back home. Who would have thought that three weeks would pass so quickly? I've met some really amazing people, fell in love with the country, and even got into a little trouble, but it has all been worth it. I think one of the major things I will take back …

    There and Back Again: An Irish Adventure

  • Welcome to Scotland

    Travel Journal from Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark | Tue Jun 11, 2013

         As i was beginning to prepare for my trip abroad, I couldn't quite get my thoughts together about what it would be like for two months in a different country. I have been to Scotland before with family, but that doesn't seem the same. I am more than excited to go abroad and be on my own. I think it will be eventful, challenging, and a wonderful experience that …

    Welcome to Scotland

  • Bienvenidos a Barcelona!

    Travel Journal from Spain Barcelona, Spain | Tue Jun 04, 2013

    In the past week, we have welcomed over 100 students from all over the US to Barcelona. The reactions of students when they step off the plane range from excitement to terror. For many students, this is their first time in Barcelona. For some, it is their first time abroad. For a few, it may even be their first time on an airplane.  The first stop for our students arriving in …

    CISabroad Barcelona Summer '13

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