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  • AquĆ­ Estoy

    journal photo

    by: KellieGriffith

    created on: Jun 04, 2013 | San Jose, Costa Rica

    Aquí estoy.  Here I am.   It´s day number four in San Jose, Costa Rica.  I meant to write an entry before I got here, but time seemed to slip by way too quickly.  I found myself running around my hometown buying different last minute items and spending every possible moment with my family before my 8 week journey here in Costa Rica.  And now, here I am, sitting in the …

  • Bienvenidos a Barcelona!


    by: mollie_CISabroad

    created on: Jun 04, 2013 | Barcelona, Spain

    In the past week, we have welcomed over 100 students from all over the US to Barcelona. The reactions of students when they step off the plane range from excitement to terror. For many students, this is their first time in Barcelona. For some, it is their first time abroad. For a few, it may even be their first time on an airplane.  The first stop for our students arriving in …

  • Concourse E


    by: HarrisonSchroeder

    created on: Jun 03, 2013 | San Jose, Costa Rica

    Here we go. I am currently sitting in an all too familiar Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. I'm tucked away by a power outlet, crowded amongst businessmen putting finishing touches on their presentations and children charging their handheld gaming devices. We're in concourse E-a concourse dedicated to international travel. I walked by ten gates to get to mine. Ten strange, far away, exotic locations with ten eager groups of people rustling …

  • Vivid

    journal photo

    by: MaryHiott

    created on: Jun 02, 2013 | Sydney, Australia

    So many people have left Annandale. Now the Dutch boys and the French crew are gone. Twenty Americans have arrived. They are from all over; all part of the same program. There is another girl from Alabama, she goes to school at Auburn. Her best friend is my little sister's roommate's older sister. Small world. Vivid Sydney has been going on the last week. There are lights projected all over buildings and especially …

  • But I don't speak Italian...


    by: KacieGrunau

    created on: Jun 01, 2013 | Limerick, Ireland

    My heart was pounding the entire time as I packed my belongings into my suitcase. This is it, I’m really going. Alone. To see anything. And it’s all at my own decision and fingertips. I know for a fact I over packed, but the problem was the reoccurring theme that influenced the trip to Ireland; Jenna Marbles. She ran over and over through my mind, “What if …

  • I Think I'm In Love


    by: BrieanaKepley

    created on: May 31, 2013 | Limerick, Ireland

    Wow, I've only been here a few days and I really and honestly think I'm in love with the place. Sure, it's still nothing in my heart compared to London, but I didn't honestly ever expect it to be and I don't think I wanted it to be either. No, Limerick is something completely different in and of itself. The people here are incredibly friendly and easy to talk to, …

  • End Times


    by: MariahThompson

    created on: May 29, 2013 | Edinburgh, United Kingdom

    This is the most difficult entry for me to write. I knew it would be when I set out to document this adventure here. I’ve been putting it off in the hopes that maybe I wouldn’t have to face this one. Of course, that is silly of me. All things come to an end, no matter how hard you fight against it. Writing about my greatest adventure here means that the …

  • Bienvenidos A Peru!


    by: AshleyWalker

    created on: May 22, 2013 | Cusco, Peru

    I got to Cusco today and the place that I am staying at is really cool. Its a hotel/apartment type thing and there are seven girls from my program lving with me. Me and my roommate are in the loft of the apartment and the view is beautiful. We went to dinner and toured some of the city for a little bit so I cannot wait until tomorrow when I …

  • Adventura

    journal photo

    by: MaryHiott

    created on: May 27, 2013 | Afghanistan

        I have been sick this past week. Many people in Empire are. Maybe it is because of how quickly the weather has gotten cold. I have almost no clothes for this type of weather. When I was packing I knew it would be winter here but I did not bring correct clothing at all; it was like I was certain it would be warm all year around. Friday night …

  • The Greatest...


    by: Natalie.Wilson

    created on: May 26, 2013 | Dublin, Ireland

    My greatest adventure has been bicycling through Wicklow with my friends.  We knew there was a waterfall somewhere in Wicklow, but we weren’t too sure on how to get there.  We pretty much winged it.  It was a beautiful day though, so we made a day of it.  We stopped in town to eat lunch then hopped on our bikes and rode through the hilly roads.  After quite …

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