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  • Into the Swing of Things


    by: crubis

    created on: Mar 28, 2010 | Auckland, New Zealand

    So, now with being right into the swing of things, it is a great time to look back about what I had anticipated about New Zealand before I left, and see how accurate some of my thoughts and predictions have been. On a first note of meeting cool people and friends, it has definitely gone beyond what I had expected. There are such a variety of people at residence and classes …

  • Challengers of the unknown.


    by: Jen_StPierre

    created on: Mar 26, 2010 | Ballincollig, Ireland

    I am already half way done. If you are as surprised as I am then you will be delighted in reading onward. If I take a look back at any of my pre-departure thoughts, I can easily point out my main fears and highlights of Ireland. My biggest apprehension was making new and lasting friendships to spend my short four months here with. My biggest highlight was the opportunity to travel. I …

  • London Love!


    by: CatherineC

    created on: Mar 22, 2010 | London, United Kingdom

    Looking back to my pre departure thoughts it seems crazy how much I have accomplished yet how quickly the time is flying by!!!  Before leaving I was so nervous and had no idea what exactly to expect, all I knew was that I was ready for an adventure in whatever form it may turn out to be and boy what an adventure it is!  All I knew was that London …

  • A Pilgrimage

    journal photo

    by: ad_astra1710

    created on: Mar 20, 2010 | Florence, Italy

    A trip to Florence is and always will be a sacred one for me.  As an Italian major, a considerable chunk of the content that I have studied took place in Florence.  After all, it is known as the birthplace of the Renaissance, and is where the legend himself, father of the Italian language Dante Alighieri, spent most of his life while composing masterpieces including the Divine Comedy (a piece …

  • Busy Weekend


    by: hayley

    created on: Mar 21, 2010 | Wellington, New Zealand

    I did quite a few fun things since my last entry. For starters, who knew running in the morning could double as a bird watching extravangza?  I took a short jog at a local field a few mornings ago.  I heard the most amazing bird calls--really unique, sharp, and bold sounds--and looked up to the nearest tree to find a bird I had never witnessed before!  This happened quite a few …

  • Class and Fun


    by: hayley

    created on: Mar 16, 2010 | Wellington, New Zealand

    Hello Everyone! There hasn't been much interesting stuff to update you on, but I know some people want to stay informed on what's going on, so I will tell you! Last week was pretty nice.  On Monday, there was a party for all of the residents of University Hall, and it was held in the Student Union.  I guess the only remarkable thing from this evening was the choice of beverage for …

  • Pre-departure Review


    by: armanog

    created on: Mar 14, 2010 | Barcelona, Spain

    In my first entry I stated that I wanted to learn everything about the Spanish culture. I have found that Barcelona is very different from the rest of Spain. Barcelona’s culture is very separate from the Spanish culture. Barcelona has its own Catalan culture.  People here speak Catalan and have made this area have its own identity. I plan on traveling to other areas in Spain in order to learn more …

  • What the.. Simply enough.


    by: DGivens

    created on: Feb 16, 2009 | Queensland, Australia

    I just spent 2 hours writing a journal entry for the entire Internet Explorer to shut down.   Needless to say I have no interest in writing again.   Maybe tomorrow. Or something.

  • my life right now :)

    journal photo

    by: Jacqueline89

    created on: Mar 08, 2010 | Limerick, Ireland

    Hello everyone! im soo sorrry i haven't written in forever! I've been up to a lot since my last entry. let's see, I went to this amazing trip with my International office. It was on February 26th i believe.. or the saturday of that weekend. We went to Bunratty Castle, The Cliffs of Moher, The Burren, and the Ailwee caves! it was great. we had to wake up super early to meet …

  • Why I Never Want to Leave Perugia


    by: JennaF

    created on: Mar 08, 2010 | Perugia, Italy

    It’s really funny that the topic of this entry is looking back at your pre-departure thoughts and thinking about how accurate they were. I just had this conversation with my roommates about what we were most nervous for in coming to Perugia. I know that I was nervous, really nervous. Especially about 2 weeks before I left and the morning of my flight. But I honestly cannot remember why. My …

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